TriangleMan (aka Triangle Man) is the musical offspring of Jonathan Tyndall, who is the result of a freak cloning mishap between Sting, Tim Robbins, and Patrick Swayze. Jonathan plays just about every instrument imaginable, except the triangle, ironically. Influenced by such diverse musical acts as They Might Be Giants, Crash Test Dummies, Foo Fighters, Matthew Sweet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Flaming Lips, The Presidents of the USA, Devo, and Tripping Daisy, just to name a few, TriangleMan is hard to categorize, and if one listens to only one song, it's easy to stereotype them as "wacky comedy," or as "heartbreakingly serious" depending on which songs one has heard. We figured "Rock Oriented" is the best category to put it in.

TriangleMan is based in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, tucked away in the sloping valleys of the Appalachian mountains. It is the home to one of the greatest local railroad-tie black-markets this side of the Tennessee River. Somehow managing to avoid falling into this loathsome yet locally accepted lifestyle, TriangleMan has succeeded in breaking out of the mold to build up an impressive catalog of songs that range from the absurd to the unfathomably bizarre, from the traditional asian-polka-scottish-mariachi-ballad, and on to the more common pseudo-novelty-rock that has made them a household name (among households in which there are people who know who they are, and who speak of them often.)

TriangleMan has a long strange history, beginning in 1993 when the members numbered as high as 422, but soon realized that the task of profit sharing would be much easier if the band were nailed down to just the bare essentials. Members have floated in and out over the years, but Jonathan has remained at the core of what has primarily been a studio project. Gigs have been sparse, and when fans get wind of a show, they come out of the woodwork to get a glimpse of this musical oddity. On one occasion, a fan even came with cookies in hand, as inspired by the song "Here's a Cookie" from their first album. Yeah, it takes a weird band to breed that kind of freakish fans. And TriangleMan is definitely up to the task. Hey, somebody has to be, right? Anybody? Come on, are you even still reading this? Hello?